Latest research highlights and press releases of the School of Advanced Science and Engineering


Announcement of the 12th Waseda IARBD seminar “Raman microspectroscopy with multivariate data analysis reveals biomolecular fingerprints for thoracic aortic aneurysms”

The 11th ERATO Seminar / MANA Seminar / ZAIKEN Seminar

Kouki Oka (4th year student of the Integrated Doctoral Course) received the 11th Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Ikushi Prize.

Professor Suguru Noda was awarded the Okuma Memorial Academic Prize (Encouragement Prize).

Professor Yasushi Sekine’s Research Selected as One of the Top 10 Innovations (Department of Applied Chemistry)

Dancing chemicals: Innovative catalytic reaction for low-cost synthesis of aromatic esters

Orbital ordering triggers nucleation-growth behavior of electrons in an inorganic solid

Radio telescope ALMA finds earliest example of merging galaxies

Circadian oscillation of a cyanobacterium doesn’t need all three Kai proteins to keep going

Total synthesis of cotylenin A for a new anticancer drug without side effects

New nanoparticle combination therapy shows effective resuscitation for massive hemorrhage

Novel approach to the development of treatments for optic neuropathies