Latest events and news at the School of Advanced Science and Engineering


The 25th ERATO Seminar: Prof. Makoto Ogawa, “Layered Clay Minerals and their Versatile Application”

The 24th ERATO Seminar: Prof. Yan Xiyun, “Nanozymes, a new class of biocatalysts and their applications”

The 23rd ERATO Seminar: Prof. Zhong Lin Wang, “Triboelectric nanogenerators for high-entropy energy and systems”

The 22nd ERATO Seminar: Prof. Kazunori KATAOKA, “Future Medicine Enabled by Nanotechnology -Development of Molecular Technologies for Carrying, Producing, and Manipulating Drugs within the Body-”

The 21st ERATO Seminar: Prof. Shunai Che, “Chiral Mesostructured Inorganic Materials with Various Chiral Anisotropy”